What does microbrewing or craft beer mean?  In simple terms, it means brewing in small amounts.  At Monkey Tree all brewing is done in 50L amounts?  Why?  Because then every drop of beer gets the attention that it deserves.   Yep, every single drop counts here at Monkey Tree, wasted beer is wasted joy, and hey, what is the point of brewing beer if you can’t enjoy every single glass?

At Monkey Tree, all ingredients are sourced locally to ensure they are as fresh as they can possibly be, we use no chemicals and no preservatives which means that you have a chance to taste the beer that you are drinking.  The difference in flavour is obvious immediately and it actually tastes better with every glass!

After the wort has been made in our jacket kettles it is quickly chilled down to around 22 degrees, the yeast is pitched and the wort is wheeled in to our fermentation room where it is allowed to sit at 19 degrees in a climate controlled room for around 10 days.  This is where the sugars and the yeast hit the dance floor, fall in love, and 10 days later give birth to a baby called alcohol.  This love affair has been going on for around 5000 years and gives beer the taste we have all come to love and appreciate.   

After the production of alcohol is complete the beer is wheeled into our cold room where it proceeds to cold filter at around 0.5 degrees Celsius.  Around a week later it undergoes a three part filtration process which results in beer that tastes like it is supposed to taste.  Free of chemicals and preservatives, your tastebuds will love you and your body will feel much better the next day!!