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The Monkey Tree

We supply beer to restaurants, clubs, bars and also to our private member/customers.

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At Monkey Tree Brewing Co. we give birth to beers that make you want to sing and dance all night and all the next day! We’re tired of all of the things that bigger breweries add to their beer to maximise their profits! We would rather make our beer taste better than last longer on a shelf in a bottle-shop. We are pretty sure you want us to do the same!!

Our beers are made with the finest natural and locally sourced ingredients. I mean, we know what we are doing, we are more than just a bunch of monkeys in a tree……..sure, sometimes we swing, hang, sleep and monkey about, once in a while we even drink a little too much!! But you should try working for the wages we earn, it would drive you to drink too! Anyway it’s a good thing you caught us in a sober moment……

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Alternative Monkey Tree Brewing Co. Logo with monkey enjoying a Brisbane Brewhouse Beer

Hire our bar for your next event, whether that be a 21st birthday party, a wedding, a bucks party, a hens night or a Xmas in July party, Monkey Tree has to be it! How wrong can you go when you can use party keg hire, live music, monkey, bar, party and brewery all in the same sentence!

Need a keg for a party? No stress, we have you covered. Monkey Tree Brewing Co rents out Beer guns, Keg fridges and Beer Trailers, and of course kegs to go with them, corny kegs, 50L kegs? No worries! Check out Party Keg Hire page HERE for more info.

So what are you waiting for? For a party that would shame a monkey or for a beer that would make a German hug you, come on down and get a little monkey into ya!