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Monkey Tree Keg Fridge Sale!!

$1290 with 280 FREE schooners  (IN STOCK!)


Keg Fridges come fully assembled with a local warranty and service that would make a monkey proud! No hidden extras, you will be pouring beer within 30 minutes!     Call (07) 3299 2739 to secure yours today!

Swap your empty Keg for a full one, no waiting, no fuss, ONLY at Monkey Tree!

See below for details on our packages


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Lockdown "Isolation kit" Kegerator Sale!

With FREE beer!

only $879!!!

Yes! we take ZIP PAY!

For details on all of our packages see below





Isolation Kit

$879  (SOLD OUT)

  • Single Tap Keg Fridge
  • Keg fridge (already assembled)
  • 17L of beer (40 schooners)
  • CO2 Gas bottle. ( Full of gas)
  • Regulator (Controls the speed of the beer)
  • A keg (19L) Yours to keep!!!
  • A single schooner glass with a cooler sleeve to stay cold!

Isolation kit for Couples

$1095 (SOLD OUT)

  • 2 Tap Keg Fridge 
  • Keg Fridge (already assembled)
  • 50L of beer (120 schooners) 
  • CO2 Gas bottle. ( Full of gas)
  • Regulator (Controls the speed of the beer)
  • A keg (19L) Yours to keep!!!
  • 2 schooner glasses with schooner sleeves
  • Upgrade to a triple tap fridge for $120


Isolation kits for Families

$1290 (IN STOCK!!)

  • 2 tap Keg Fridge
  • Keg Fridge (already assembled)
  • 117L of beer (280 schooners)
  • CO2 Gas bottle. ( Full of gas)
  • Regulator (Controls the speed of the beer)
  • A keg (19L) Yours to keep!!!
  • 4 schooner glasses and schooner sleeves
  • Upgrade to a triple tap fridge for $100

Have you noticed that the price of beer has gone up AGAIN lately? Here at Monkey Tree we have your back, stick with us and we will make sure that you don't pay a cent more than you need to! Our kegged beer (which comes out of your keg fridge tastes like normal beer but has a cleaner finish) ranges from only $35.50 to $39.50 a carton!! Our famous ginger beer and cider goes for only $40.50…..all handcrafted and made fresh, chemical and preservative free!
ALL of our fridges include everything you need to pour beer. We give you beer with your fridge and the respect from all your mates comes free!   So much free beer and respect, what are you gonna do? Celebrate, that's what!
When your keg is empty, bring it down and swap it for a full one, no waiting, no fuss! Feel an emotional connection to your keg and you just can't say goodbye, no worries at all, we will fill your keg, so you can stay together, forever!
How much money will you save when you don't have to go to that expensive bottle-o every Friday?

Monkey Tree is a supplier of Cornelius kegs, keg fridges, CO2 bottles, keg sanitation supplies, keg fittings and hoses, keg faucets and towers, beer fonts, and keg seals for beer lovers. 

Cornelius Keg:

Used by microbreweries and homebrewers as an alternative to bottled beer. Originally developed by the soft drink industry, Cornelius kegs are now a popular part of the beer industry because their light weight and simple design. They are easy to fill up and clean.

Cornelius keg's have two types of connectors. The ball-lock and pin-lock. Both designs works well, just make sure you get the right connector for your fitting at home.

  • Nicknames:  Corny Keg, Homebrew Keg, Soda Keg
  • Common Uses:  Home Brewing, Wine, Coffee, Kombucha
  • Dimensions:  60cm x 23cm
  • Capacity:  19 Litres / 5.0 gallons / 640 ounces

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So why not go one better? Use our Swap and Go keg system!

Kegs are easily the most reusable containers on the planet and a Keg Fridge makes the best use of them. Our Swap and Go keg fleet keeps you away from paying bottle and can deposits, on top of that it will save you time and money on petrol driving to the depot to get your 10 cents back.

You will also be able to drink lots of different beers and ciders, be the envy of all of your mates as they leer at your shiny new Keg Fridge, and escape the recycle game forever! Just prepare yourself for a little keg envy....

Pop down and see us on Friday and Saturday afternoons when our Tap Bar is open. We have 10 taps of delicious beer and cider to enjoy that will give you a great insight into what to expect after you buy yourself the greatest invention of the 21st Century. Beer on tap at home straight out of your own keg fridge, holy Monkey that sounds good!

Put that bottle down and get a little monkey into ya!