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Monkey Tree Brewing Co. March 2021 Newsletter Monkey Tree Comedy Spectacular

Saturday March 27th.  Doors open 5:30pm, show starts at 6pm
Come and help us break our Covid-19 event drought with our first comedy night for the year

$60 gets you a 3 hour food and beverage package and a chimp load of laughs.  Who doesn’t need to hit the reset button after the year we’ve had.

A couple of mates, a few beers (3 hours of Monkey tree’s best beers and ciders) and a burger from our premium BBQ food truck sounds pretty good eh?  Come on in to Monkey Tree and get your gorilla on!
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Winners of FREE kegs at Monkey TreeEvery month some lucky monkey wins a free keg!  If you have been in the brewery in the last month and put your receipt for your keg fill into the giant green pot you are in the draw to win.

To find out who won this month’s keg, click below!! Click here to see the name of the lucky monkey!!Keep your lines clean with Monkey Wash – $6 per bottle

Have you ever noticed floaties in your beer?

Monkey Wash keeps your taps and lines clean.  If you dont clean your lines monthly the flavour of your beer will change!  

So why do my beer lines get dirty?
When you open your beer tap, beer moves from your keg, along your beer line and out of your tap into your glass.
When you turn off the tap your next beer (or some of it) is left waiting in your line.  The longer that beer sits in the line waiting for the next pour the more proteins, sugars, yeasts, hops and other brewing ingredients start to coat the inside walls of the beer line. 

What happens if my lines get dirty?
It is also normal for beer to dry and harden in the upper parts of the beer line, behind your taps.  Over time if you dont clean your lines this ‘hardened beer” will come out as small translucent flakes that will float around in your beer.  Sometimes you might see little black flecks as well, these are likely from buildup within the moving parts of your tap.

It’s all about the taste!
The first casualty is always the taste!  It’s hard to explain dirty beer lines except to say that you can probably smell it before you taste it.  The smell and flavour has a strong malty/vegemite/dark sugar (but not sweet), the beer will also taste a little ‘old” too.