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Why Monkey Tree

monkey cartoon face

Monkey Tree Brewing Co. specialises in handcrafted, locally brewed craft beer which is made from the freshest ingredients, using no chemicals or preservatives.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best beverage experience life can give you. The only thing we won’t give you is much of a hangover! Did you know that about a hundred years ago beer started to be poured from pressurised containers. It was these containers eventually gave birth to the modern keg.

Thanks Olden Days we love ya!! Since then every party worth going to has contained a party keg and a beer gun, keg fridge or beer trailer! When people tell old party stories they always seem to include a keg, somewhere, somehow the stories keep getting bigger . . . . . and so does the keg! Check out our beer guns, keg fridges and beer trailers you can use to dispense your keg and make your party a night that people will never forget.