Keg fridge, beer gun, beer trailer, choose your weapon!

Party Keg Hire

Hire a Keg + Beer Gun

If you wanna make your event like something out of the 80s, you gotta go with a keg and gun!

Hire a Keg Fridge

If your event is gonna be held on the deck, under the pergola, or in your living room then go for a keg fridge!

Hire a Mobile Bar Beer Trailer

A beer trailer can fit up to 300L of beer. That works out to be 36 cartons of beer which is nearly 900 stubbies!!

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Give us a call on 07-32992739 (we are closed Mondays) or email us at to make a booking and ask questions. Release your inner monkey and drain a keg!

Why Monkey Tree?

We are dedicated to providing you with the best beverage experience life can give you, the only thing we won’t give you is much of a hangover! About a hundred years ago beer started to be poured from pressurised containers and these containers eventually gave birth to the modern keg. Thanks Olden Days we love ya!! Since then every party worth going to has contained a party keg and a beer gun, keg fridge or beer trailer! When people tell old party stories they always seem to include a keg, somewhere, somehow the stories keep getting bigger……and so does the keg! Check out our beer guns, keg fridges and beer trailers you can use to dispense your keg and make your party a night that people will never forget.