Restaurant Draft Beer Offer

Thank you for taking a look at Monkey Tree and for giving us a chance to help YOU sell more products to your customers!

 Why is Monkey Tree a good idea?

Monkey Tree was set up to give restaurants and bars direct wholesale access to a microbrewery.


 What is a Microbrewery?

A microbrewery is a brewery that makes beer in small amounts each time. Food in a restaurant (made in small amounts) tastes better than food made in a factory and beer made in a microbrewery tastes better than beer made in a massive factory.


 How does Monkey Tree make beer that tastes so good?

Our beer is made using the freshest Aussie ingredients (although some hops have to come from the USA or Europe)and we don’t use ANY chemicals or preservatives.  All of our beer is made and sold fresh directly to you and is never allowed to get warm.  This keeps the beer fresh.  Beer is exactly like milk, if you keep it cold it will taste better and it will last longer.


 Where is the beer made?

Monkey Tree Brewing co. is located in Underwood, south of Brisbane. We can offer you a local service and help you take care of your customers.  We also have a loyal group of customers (nearly 6000 followers on Facebook and Instagram) which we can help you to promote.  If they know that you sell our beer they will come to you!


 Does Monkey Tree provide all of the equipment?

Yes! Monkey Tree will provide you with a draft beer fridge that will allow you to pour beer and will keep your beer cold.  We will help you to set up the fridge and will help you to maintain clean lines for your beer.

We will also provide you with your first 48 (285ml) beer glasses to help you get started.


 How much does it cost?

We are local and we don’t import our beer. That means lower taxes and no freight costs.  We then pass these savings onto you and that makes our beer very cheap!  You will find our beer is 30 to 50% cheaper than many other brands.


Our beer costs $99+GST for a 19L keg.  ($4 delivery fee for each keg)

This gives you:

60 x 285ml (pots) or

57 x 300ml

52 x 330ml

49 x 350ml

40 x 425ml (Schooners)


 Why sell draft beer?

Everybody prefers the taste of draft beer, it is much more refreshing than bottles and it helps your customers enjoy their food more too.  Draft beer is the only truly, fresh beer. You will find that customers will eat and drink more.  That means they have a better experience in your restaurant or bar!


 Name your beer! 

In order to help you sell your beer, we allow you to choose your name for your beer.  For example, if your restaurant is called Lucky 8 restaurant, please use the name “Lucky 8 Lager”!!


Please enter your details and we will get back to you soon about selling draft beer in your business!

If you want to call us directly please call (07) 32992739 between 12 pm and 6 pm Tuesday – Friday and Saturdays 10 AM till 3 pm.